About Cucina Rustica

Cucina Rustica means Rustic Kitchen, which aptly describes the restaurant’s cuisine as well as the decor. Authentic old world doors, iron gates and windows from around the world are the inspiration of my mantra, “The doorway to the imagination awaits you.”


I was compelled to design a restaurant with the warmth of an old villa. The goal was to be able to accommodate groups and gatherings requiring private rooms while other diners could still enjoy their own sense of space.


We welcome you and as you step into our magical restaurant, background music from world-class guitarists permeate the dining rooms and assure that your fine dining experience will be as warm and special as possible. ~ Gusta i Frutti Della Vita – Enjoy the fruits of life!

Lisa's Pledge

My personal commitment to each and every guest is to create a memory laced with beauty of atmosphere and cuisine which makes them wish to return time and time again. Our long standing reputation of nearly two decades is built on the foundation of consistency with food and service. I believe that complacency is what derails many restaurants. I believe that one must reinvent or at least refresh your food and ambiance on an ongoing basis.

It is an honor to serve you and yours from the bottom of my heart.
Your Friend,
Lisa Dahl

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